How I Approach Muscle Pain

Written by Bill Sawyer.

My practice started many moons ago, i.e., 1970. Then, I decided to moved to Texas in 1982. Many years in practice, I have learned many things related to health and principles and philosophy of chiropractic and life in general terms. By the way, not all chiropractors are alike I mean, their approach to treating patients. I don't do one size fits all technique!

My technique will depend on my patient's needs!!!

Now let's talk about neck and back pain! The effect of such body pain will create problems to your total health because IT can interfere with your nervous system via the spinal column subluxation of the vertebrae.
Muscle spasm, tight joints, decreased circulation and build up of toxin in organs and muscle fibers (lactic acid) in the long run, affect your health in a bad way not a good thing!

This is my approach to my patient's pain first of all, not all pain are alike, it is strictly personal. Generally, I used vibrator to relax the muscles, and that will loosen the tight muscles and joints and increase blood flow, all fluid flow and increase oxygen flow to reduce carbon dioxide mainly in lungs and all tissues and remove toxins and lactic acid. All these will increase immune system.

Who you gonna call?



Homeopathic Formula 303

Written by Bill Sawyer.

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